Process Flow


Before we can process a full production run, we require a test run of your product to assure compatibility with our packaging process. In order to get this started, we will require a sample of at least 8 ounces for each individual product you're looking to have produced. The testing process takes 4 - 5 business days to complete and is offered free of charge.

*NOTE: Rip-N-Drip will retain a small inventory of samples from each test run for our own in-house testing. Additional samples will be returned to you for review and your own testing purposes.


After a test run of your product(s) is complete and our tests are successful, a Rip-N-Drip associate will contact you to confirm that your product(s) are approved for processing and will be available to help you complete the attached Order Form.


Prep your juice for shipment. All E-Liquid being sent to Rip-N-Drip is required to be sent in Food Grade Containers, whether they be pails, drums, totes, etc. Each container must be labeled with the following information:

- Company Name

- Product Name

- Nicotine Level

- Batch/Lot #'s

When all of your containers are properly labeled, ship them to Rip-N-Drip for processing. 


When your containers arrive, we will verify and confirm your shipment to your order form to ensure that we've received all of the correct information and product before being placed into production. The production process takes between 2 - 4 weeks depending on the quantities of your order. Once your order is ready, a Rip-N-Drip associate will contact you to make arrangements to ship your completed order to you.